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About Our Hearing Center

What we do:

Using the latest and most sophisticated technology, we determine if you have hearing loss--and, if you do, we determine the degree and type of hearing loss. If your hearing loss requires medical or surgical intervention, we can refer you to a physician (otologist or neurologist) for appropriate treatment. If your type of hearing loss can best be treated with the use of hearing aids and/or other assistive listening devices (which is true in the great majority of cases), we can select any of a wide range of hearing devices and custom fit them to your ear, programmed to augment your hearing at those frequency levels where your hearing loss is greatest.

Choose The Hearing Instrument That Fits Your Style, Needs, and Pocketbook

Advanced Hearing Solutions, Inc. is an independent clinic and can provide hearing aids and other devices from a wide range of manufacturers, including Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Rexton. We also service other hearing aid brands such as Miracle Ear and Beltone, Resound, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, Unitron and many more.

An Unbiased Evaluation, No Obligation

If you think you may have a hearing problem, the sensible thing to do is find out, easily and painlessly, from a hearing professional who will give you a thorough and unbiased evaluation. Call or e-mail us with your questions or to set up an appointment. Just click on Contact Us now.